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Brainetics: Math and Memory ... Amazing - Deluxe Set 2011 DVD Training

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Brainetics: Math and Memory ... Amazing - Deluxe Set 2011 DVD Training
MPEG2 @ 6 Mbit/s | 720x480 | AC3 Stereo @ 192 Kbit/s 48 KHz | 14.1 GB
Genre: Science, Math, Memory Improvement, Concentration, Instructional |
Label: | Language: English | PDF Included

Genre: eLearning

“ The Brainetics Deluxe Math and Memory Set can help anyone learn the
secrets of a math genius. It can help you add, subtract, multiply, and
divide complex problems in your head! Identify complex patterns in
numbers, improve your memory, concentration, and math skills. Feel your
confidence soar!
Brainetics is a great addition for any student, teacher, parent or adult
learner looking to improve their math skills, memory skills and overall
brain power.

Brainetics will train your mind to work much more efficiently and will become much more powerful in a fun and cool way.

Brainetics teaches your brain to behave like a computer. It will receive
information, store it and memorize all the relevant information while
ignoring the unecessary information.

There are three powerful reasons why Brainetics work so well:

1. Brainetics teaches how to MASTER all the vitally important learning
SKILLS (focus, concentration, problem solving, thinking outside the box,
organizational, increased mental capacity and memory) that are rarely
taught in schools and people lack throughout their lives.

2. Brainetics TRAINS two different parts of the MIND to work
simultaneously yet independently of each other. One part memorizes
information while another part is sorting and processing new
information. The mind will begin to work much more efficiently and be
more powerful giving Brainetics kids a huge advantage throughout their
academic lives and beyond.

3. Brainetics is INCREDIBLY FUN. Brainetics will never seem like a chore
and everything is very fun and cool to learn for all ages and ability
levels. Brainetics can either be learned alone, or entire families can
learn together.

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